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Channeled Inspirations: The Podcast with Lisa Dooley

Join Rev. Lisa Dooley, RMT as she shares insight and inspiration for your highest good and highest healing. In this show, Lisa shares information and channels on how to elevate your energy and uplift your life. She is a master at illuminating the shadows you try to keep hidden from yourself.

Dec 4, 2019

In this episode I chat with Tiffani Purdy; a Business Mentor, Beauty Influencer, and Human Design Expert. We had a beautiful conversation about spirituality, biblical stories, Human Design, decision making, online business, and of course - starting fresh!

Listen for expert advice on how to listen to your body, start fresh time & time again, and honor the ebbs & flows as an online entrepreneur, all while staying true to yourself!

Tiffani helps parents (and soon-to-be parents) build personal brands online, so they can have more time, money, and energy for themselves and their families. Her podcast, Starting Fresh (available on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor, & anywhere you’re listening to podcasts), showcases success stories on the other side of big life/career changes. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her Sacral Generator daughter and Mani Gen boyfriend.

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